Max R. P. Grossmann


These are some notes. I hope you find them useful.

This page encapsulates how I think about these issues and how I resolve certain problems, but you can find most of these topics covered on many other websites. However, I have made the experience that it often helps to hear several explanations, each from a slightly different perspective.


  1. Conditional distributions
  2. Integral of xn log(x)
  3. Convolution
  4. Certainty equivalent of a normally distributed lottery
  5. Screen sizes
  6. Screen size and DPI
  7. Deriving the OLS estimator (matrix)
  8. Calculating Sophomore's dream
  9. Distribution of the maximum of random variables
  10. Gauss/Jordan algorithm in C
  11. Triangular distribution in R
  12. On the interpretation of the Hessian matrix in a least squares context
  13. A matrix formulation for asymmetric Cournot competition with linear demand
  14. The distribution of p-values and an application to size and power