Max R. P. Grossmann

Podcast: The Grossmann Revelation

This is a podcast about facts and logic, dedicated against groupthink and polylogism. Tune in for a refreshing and unapproved take on economic, technological and epistemological issues.

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Ep. 4: On the Serviceableness of IQ (and JavaScript)

June 16, 2019, length: 32 minutes
Song recommendation: Heartlight by Kenny Loggins

Our intuition tends to fails us when it comes to Bayesian updating. And please consider disabling JavaScript.

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Ep. 3: A Refreshing Dose of Anti-Polylogism

June 2, 2019, length: 31 minutes
Song recommendation: Shoot For Thrills by L.A. Guns

Ludwig von Mises explains why polylogism is bad. (He was not available for an interview.)

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Ep. 2: The Revolt Against Revelation

May 19, 2019, length: 32 minutes
Song recommendation: Undertow by Pet Shop Boys

Statistical research is extremely difficult---especially if done properly. Why not use revealed preferences instead?

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Ep. 1: A Disturbing Lack of Faith

May 5, 2019, length: 36 minutes
Song recommendation: Layla by Derek and the Dominos

Max discusses a small logical problem with economic pronouncements and an annoying feature of music videos and their corresponding songs.

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