Max R. P. Grossmann

My Arch Linux install script

Posted: 2022-03-02 20:39, last updated: 2022-03-04 15:55.

I just published my Arch Linux install script:

Here is a link to the raw script. You can also use the following commands to download the script from within the live medium:

curl -LO
chmod +x
Before installing, please verify the detached signature of the script using curl -LO && gpg --verify My OpenPGP key is here (curl -L | gpg --import).

Run using ./ Make sure to select the right disk; if you’re unsure, press Ctrl+C to abort. There is no warranty and incorrect entries might corrupt your data.

It is LVM2 on LUKS under UEFI, with an btrfs root, the hardened kernel and NetworkManager. So, all the good stuff! Feel free to fork and comment.

You will be prompted for all the important settings, but you don’t need to copy and paste any code. Just run the script and be happy! This should make the deployment of robust Arch machines with full disk encryption much simpler.

UPDATE (2021-04-15): ext4 is now btrfs. I made some other small modifications to enhance compatibility.

UPDATE (2021-09-21): Fixed some boot issues.

UPDATE (2022-03-03): Fixed issues with partprobe (already on February 20).