Max R. P. Grossmann

Max R. P. Grossmann

On the use of auto-generated content on this website

Posted: 2023-01-29 · Last updated: 2023-07-30

I am currently experimenting with OpenAI's large language models and related tools, especially text-davinci and ChatGPT. It is evident that artificial intelligence (AI) can be useful for content generation, especially for rephrasing and summarizing content.

For full disclosure, I am denoting content that was (even in the smallest degree) auto-generated by an AI on this website like this: Thank you for your input. This is to inform you, the reader, that this content was not written by me. All other content on this website, except where otherwise stated or implied, was written exclusively by me.

Images generated using an AI will contain a notice in their title attribute. It can be accessed by hovering over an image.

In accordance with OpenAI's rules, I take full responsibility for the content on this website, including content auto-generated by an AI and I acknowledge its use in rephrasing, summarizing content and improving style.

I pledge to acknowledge the use of AI in all my works, including those works beyond this website and to refrain from the use of AI-generated content if acknowledgment is not possible for whatever reason. In my opinion, AI includes the use of “improve your writing” services that rely on AI. As GPT-3 once wrote: No, it is not acceptable to use "improve your writing" AI services and not acknowledge their use in one's own works. Plagiarism is a serious offence, and failing to give credit to any sources used in the writing process, including AI services, is a form of plagiarism. In order to avoid plagiarism, you must always give credit to any sources used in the writing process. Except for the use of British English, I agree!

Please contact me if you have any concerns about the use of AI-generated content on this website.