Max R. P. Grossmann


Research interests

I am always open to informal inquiries regarding new projects in any of the fields below. Please contact me.

  1. Behavioral and experimental economics
    1. Paternalism and interventions
    2. Privacy
  2. Economic modeling
  3. Law & economics
  4. Methods and tools

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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  1. Duch, M. L., Grossmann, M. R. P. and Lauer, T. z-Tree unleashed: A novel client-integrating architecture for conducting z-Tree experiments over the Internet. Journal of Behavioral and Economic Finance, 28:100400. Read more.

Selected work-in-progress

  1. Grossmann, M. R. P. and Ockenfels, A. Paternalism in Data Sharing.
  2. Grossmann, M. R. P. and Schneider, S. O. Dynamic treatment assignment using minMSE in oTree.
  3. Grossmann, M. R. P. AnonPay: Enhancing participant privacy in online experiments.

Other publications

  1. Stochastic volatility with mixed frequency data. Master’s thesis, University of Cologne. September 16, 2019.
  2. Sophomore’s Dream: 1,000,000 digits. Computation result (world record). September 22, 2017. Download, cryptographic signature (see also)
  3. Technological Transition and Price Discrimination. Bachelor’s thesis, University of Cologne. June 6, 2017. Download
  4. Sophomore’s Dream: 200,000 digits. Computation result (world record). 2013. Download