Max R. P. Grossmann

Max R. P. Grossmann

Attribution Policy

Posted: 2023-05-12 · Last updated: 2023-11-04

The following attribution policy applies to all of my works, unless otherwise stated, if you use them for academic research:

  1. Only the license terms of a particular work are legally binding. This document is subsidiary to any specific license terms imposed or contracted; it does not establish or remove any rights or privileges. It represents only a nonbinding request to fellow researchers. When in doubt, refer to the license terms or contact me.
  2. Clearly acknowledge the use of my work in your work and resulting publications. For example, the following acknowledgments are appropriate:
    1. In a footnote or the acknowledgments section: “We thank Max R. P. Grossmann for help with […].” if I personally helped you or members of your team.
    2. In the main text, footnotes or the acknowledgments section: “We use Max R. P. Grossmann’s […].”
    3. Or: “We use Grossmann’s (2021) […].” with a reference to the work. However, in some journals, this is frowned upon.

    With respect to specialist software that was provided for free, acknowledging its use is an ethical obligation.

    Furthermore, license terms may impose copyleft and/or indications of origin inside your source code.

  3. Spell my name correctly. Sorry to be a bit obnoxious about this, but this seems to be a common issue: Yes, there is a space between “R.” and “P.”, and yes, my surname ends with double-n. My first name is not Maximilian. I’ve checked all this on my long-form birth certificate. Consider just copying my name from this website somewhere. If you absolutely need to use my full name, you can find it here.
  4. Provide a link. Ideally, mention the URL of the work used. You can also create a snapshot using the Web Archive and refer to that instead. Feel free to do all that in an appendix. You can also always just refer to “”, but note that this is not very precise for readers.
  5. State the version used. This can be done in similar fashion to the previous item. You can also write something like “downloaded on 2023-05-12”.
  6. Do not imply that I endorse your project. My works are typically free for everyone to use under very liberal terms. By sharing them under irrevocable Free Software license terms, I have lost my right to control their use and spread. Use of my works does not imply I performed a background check on the user or that I am best friends with them. It certainly is not implied that I agree with any result obtained using my work. Everyone has the right to use my works, they need to answer only to the license terms (and their Creator). Therefore, I ask that your acknowledgment be itself “neutral” and to the standards of the scientific community.
  7. Take full responsibility. License terms typically disclaim any warranty or liability. You are entirely responsible for the use of my works, even if they contain bugs or are grotesquely incorrect. It is not permissible to assign any blame on me; legally and ethically, I am immune. This is part of the deal that is Free Software.
  8. Do not use my work for illegal purposes, projects that violate the Nuremberg Code or other generally accepted research ethics principles.
  9. Inform me of any publication that refers to one of my works. Click here to contact me.

Please follow these guidelines when making use of my works. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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